Most grand adventures are supported by a base camp or staging area where you can meet up with your team to organize, acclimate, rest, fraternize, and prepare for race day.

Traditionally, 'bivouacs' were temporary, lightweight encampments of 18th century soldier-mountaineers -- easy to set up, tear down and deploy from.  With a 5:00 am start time, having a base camp located on-course will be the first strategic move you make to put your team ahead.Bivouacs are a great place for your team to create camaraderie and prepare together.

Deer Creek Great Horned Own Bivouac

We still have spots left at the Great Horned Owl Campground at Deer Creek Bivouac. This is a great location for a staging area for your SUP and SWM athletes who want to have a place to keep their Paddleboard before and after the race. There are also bathrooms and showers available at this Bivouac for campers who would like to take a shower after the race. If you would like to reserve one of these spots please email us at . Your team is allowed to have a Bivouac at each location.

Location: South end of Deer Creek State Park.

Arrival Time: June 17th, 2:00 PM

Departure Time: June 19th, 11:00 AM


SHNC Bivouac Info and User Guidelines

Team Spirt: Your team is encourage to decorate your camp spot with a team flag or other items to set your team area apart from others

Location: Soldier Hollow Nordic Center Group Camps Site, at the intersection of Olympic Drive and Soldier Hollow Lane.

Arrival Time: June 17th, 2:00 PM

Departure Time: June 19th, 11:00 AM

Lights Out: 10:00PM - Please respect racers that have an early start time the next day (as early as 5:00 AM) and keep noise to a minimum after 10:00PM.

Early Departures on Race Day: For those leaving early in the morning for the trail, paddle, and road run legs of the race, please plan ahead and have all your gear ready and loaded the evening before, also please park your vehicles outside of the camping area on the asphalt where your vehicle can leave quietly and without have to have others move thier cars in the morning. Please be respectful of others racer as leave as quietly as possible.

Parking: Please only park vehicles that will be used for shelter inside the camping area. All other vehicle should be parked on the asphalt outside of the camping area.

Tent spots: These spots can be reserved but will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive early to reserve your preferred spot.

RV Spots : These spots have been pre-assigned. Please refer the Event Map for team location. You will need to use the legend on the left side, go the the very bottom section named "Bivouacs" and then look for your team location. We reserve the right to reoder the location of each RV before race day (or on race day) to accommodate teams that need special accommodations. Please email us at if your team RV needs to be repositioned.

The Valkyrie Relay